Branded USB Flash Drives Communicate to Students

As August comes to a close many educational students will be facing the reality of having to return to school and University for another year of learning. For those students starting a new school settling in will be quite easy and hassle free but for those starting new schools it may take a bit more time, and more help for them to settle in and make the most of their experience.  Students starting University will probably find it the biggest change in lifestyle as they move out of home and have their first taster of the big wide world.

promotional usb sticks printed with university logosAlthough some students clearly embrace going to University with open arms it can be a daunting prospect for a lot of students because it is no longer a place that you attend for 5 to 6 hours a day, it’s a whole lifestyle change.  Students will rely on the University and the surrounding area for pass-times, entertainment and fun.  When students move to large University in an unknown city it can be very hard to know what there is to do in the area and what the University offers.

It can also be hard for the University to advertise to the substantial amount of students that join each year the different programmes, activities, sports, clubs, sororities etc. that are available for the students to get involved in.  Compared to schools, Universities have substantially more students enrol each year but have less personal contact with the students making introductions, briefings and communicating information much harder.  If you work for a University, or even a large organisation and have this problem we have just the solution for you.

We supply many promotional USB flash drives to Universities and educational institutes who use them internally, for open days to attract more students and a number of other ways however, one use of custom USB memory sticks could solve the institutions communication problems.

bottle opener usb stickA University branded USB flash drive loaded with important websites, interactive applications, campus maps, informative documents, introductory videos and any other important information given to every new student would ensure that they had all of the information that they needed to hit the ground running and make the most of their University experience.  Not only would the University ensure that each student had the important information that they needed to start the new year, it could be personalised for each school or college within the University and possibly each course.  With password protection the information could be referred back to later on in the year once the student has settled in and sobered up to refresh their minds.

Along with great services, a solid track record and innovative ideas, we also have a great selection of logo USB flash drives which can be customised to suit each University and occasion.  If the University logo and branding is important then the any of the memory sticks from our classic range would be suitable.  If the size and portability of the flash drive is important then we have a range of small and easily transported USB sticks.  If you just want to make sure that students use it throughout their time at University then we’re sure that a USB Bottle opener would get a lot of use.

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