Branded Memory Sticks – Divided By A Common Language

Without doubt one of the success stories of the promotional industry is the humble USB memory stick. Literally millions of them are manufactured each year and in most cases given away to support a companies advertising or marketing goal.

USB memory sticks are no longer the preserve of the “techie” but instead are the de facto accessory for a significant number of us. It’s the ubiquitous nature of the memory stick coupled with their ease of use and sheer usefulness that makes them popular.

Combine popular with usefulness and a price point that is relatively inexpensive and you have a near perfect promotional vehicle. Couple this with the ability to brand them easily or produce custom versions that take on the form factor of your products and you begin to see their value,

But, the one aspect of a branded memory stick that continues to confuse, baffle and at times frustrate people is what you call them. Are they branded memory sticks, USB sticks, USB flash drives, USB pens, flash pens, USB pen drives, thumb drive, USB thumb drives or any combination of these.

Whilst this might seem to be a trivial matter it does make sourcing branded memory sticks all that more tricky and of course for suppliers looking to promote their services its equally difficult. There can be few products called that we all recognise instantly that we give different labels to. After all an umbrella is an umbrella, a mouse mat is a mouse mat but a memory stick, well, take your pick.

Fortunately, this small issue doesn’t look like it’s going to dent the inexorable climb of the branded memory stick towards to top of the promotional product pile. After all, no matter what you call them what is not in dispute is that they do a fantastic job at promoting a company’s brand or product.

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