Branded Flash Drives – The perfect vehicle for PR Agencies

There has never been a busier time for a PR agency in the UK. Whether it’s dealing with oil spills, blood diamonds or spinning the bank’s results.

The core of any successful PR agency is to ensure that the story they are trying to push makes an impact with the target media. They are competing against other agencies try to grab the same column inch space.

So how do they make sure that the PR message is delivered in a manner that is impactful, cost effective, relevant and above all practical.

The answer is the simple USB Memory Stick. But not just any generic, standardised and boring shape or size. What the optimum delivery vehicle for any press pack is the Customised USB Memory Stick. Technology has now markedly improved, to allow  a simply picture or graphic to emerge as a unique Customised USB Memory Stick that is in the shape of the story / product / brand they are trying to promote.

So whether its the launch of a new car, drink, food, financial product, in fact any shape or size they can think of, a Customised Memory Stick can be made to that shape. Simply load the press pack onto the Customised Memory stick and away they go. So why does it tick all the boxes?

  • It is human nature for someone to start playing / pulling apart a Customised USB Memory stick and to start showing it to other colleagues and ultimately plugging it in to see what all the fuss is about. For example, a well known health product provider wanted to launch a new female sanitary towel and a key part of this was PR. So they produced a USB memory stick in the shape of the product! The impact was dramatic, how could it be anything else.
  • A range of factual and multimedia data can be loaded onto the Customised memory stick which autoruns once the memory stick has been plugged in.
  • This is a great keepsake so the story / product they are trying to promote will have longevity.
  • The cost of manufacturing has fallen dramatically and the minimum order quantity for Customised Memory Stick can be as low as 100 units.

So how to they go about getting a Customised Branded USB Memory stick? Firstly contact an established and reputable UK USB Memory Stick provider. The process thereafter is simple.

  • Send a picture of the shape of the memory stick they are after.
  • A 3d Cad drawing will be prepared for sign-off
  • Tooling will be produced and a pre-production sample manufactured.
  • Once this is agreed the full production and delivery will take less than 2 weeks.

So before pulling together that next cardboard folder full of reams of paper, think again….. Customised USB Memory sticks could be what makes their PR campaign a success or not.

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