Boxes, Pretty Boxes.

There’s more than one way to make an impact with a USB flash drive printed with your logo on and one of the more popular options is to give them away in a printed presentation box. There are lots of different presentation box options including cardboard boxes, plastic boxes with a magnetic clasp and tin boxes (with and without a “window”).

USB Boxes

Branded USB flash drives make fantastic promotional products and in lots of scenarios it would be inappropriate to put them in any additional packaging (whether this packaging is printed or not) but, if you really want to make the most of the money you are spending on the flash drives it is worth considering how you’re going to package and present them.

If your flash drives are going into a media pack or just handed out at a trade show or sales event then a presentation box is likely to be overkill. However, if the branded USB flash drives are more of a “thank you” to delegates or speakers at conference or seminar or a “reward” for loyalty or achieving some other goal then they are better given away in a box, particularly if the box can also be printed with your brand and an appropriate message. Bear in mind that the large, flat surface offered by the box gives you lots of scope to print larger and more complex images than you can typically print on the flash drive itself.

USB Flash Drive Boxes

Gifts such as flash drives that are appropriately boxed and where some though has gone into the presentation of them look so much better than similar gifts that are just handed out in plastic bags or without any packaging. There is of course a balance to be drawn between the added costs of these boxes and the additional impact and benefit that will be derived from using them.

Whilst boxes and tins do add to the overall cost of supply of printed USB flash drives, printed cardboard boxes are relatively inexpensive, they’re light so add little to the weight and transport costs. At the other end of the scale are tin boxes with foam inserts. These tin boxes look fantastic but they are bulky and heavy so expect to pay more for them and remember to factor in the additional storage and transportation costs if you are taking them to an event.

If you are interested in getting some gift boxes for your branded USB flash drives its worth keeping an eye out for any special offers from USB drive suppliers. In a highly competitive market its common for suppliers to occasionally offer “free” printed gift boxes with orders of a certain quantity.

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