Boxes and Wallets for USB Credit Cards

Our range of USB Credit Card memory sticks are proving to be a big hit with customers who have a large or complex logo to print. Because the cards are the same size as a standard credit card and we can print right up to the edge and we can print different artwork on both sides of the card.

With some of the smaller USB sticks like the capless Twister or Chic models the print area is only 2-3cm which is fine if you have a good, crisp and simple logo but not so good if you want to include a website address, a phone number, a strapline and maybe a product image.

As you can see from the images below the USB cards give you loads of scope and they look fantastic. The cards can be printed to look like a business card (with all of your contact details on the back) or they can be printed to look like name badges and then attached to a lanyard (ideal for a trade show or conference). We done several jobs for customers now where they’ve asked for a QR code to be printed onto the cards (these are just electronic shortcuts to a web site that you scan with your smart phone) – again, because of the size of the cards this is easy and there is still lots of scope on the cards to get creative with available space.

USB Credit Card Portfolio

They’re available with memory sizes ranging from 128MB to 16GB (32GB versions will be available in a couple of months) and they’re super slim at just 2mm thick! Because they’re the broadly the same size as a standard bank card they’re easy for people to carry around – pretty much everyone has a purse or wallet they can slip into.

Although the cards look great on their own some customers have asked if we can supply printed gift boxes or wallets to hand them out in and the good news is we can! We have some great looking plastic boxes with a magnetic clasp that we can supply blank (unprinted) or we can print the boxes in full colour with any logo you want.


We also have some really nice faux leather credit card wallets that we can print or engrave. The engraving option is more subtle but because it’s engraved into the surface of the wallet it last longer.

All of our USB credit cards, card boxes and wallets are available from stock and can be delivered printed and data-loaded in as little as 24hrs!


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