Black USB Flash Drives – A Nod To Henry Ford

One of the greatest industrialists of the 20th century was Henry Ford. Not only did Henry Ford found the Ford Motor Company but also he is also widely acknowledged as the man behind the introduction of mass production and assembly line techniques used in car manufacturing today.

His Model T-Ford car was introduced in 1908 and by 1914 over 250,000 had been sold. By today’s standard these numbers are not that impressive but sales of the Model T accounted for over half of all cars sold in the US by 2018!

Part of the success of the Model T-Ford was down to a determination to keep costs low by a continually striving to bring efficiencies into its manufacture. One such efficiency was the mandate that the customer could have the car in any colour they wanted so long as it was black! – The reason for this was simply because black had a quicker drying time and allowed the assembly lines to operate to maximum efficiency.

In a “nod” to Henry Ford we introduced the Black on Black USB Twister Flash Drive earlier this year and the reaction from customers has been phenomenal. The black “mono” USB twister flash drive is essentially a standard black twister but instead of supplying it with a standard silver “clip” it’s supplied with a black clip.

Black USB Twsiter Flash Drives Black USB Twsiter Flash Drives

When these black “mono” twister USB drives have a logo printed on them in white they look stunning. The white print stands out incredibly well and the USB sticks have an “edgy”, almost stealth like look and feel to them.

The Twister USB flash drive continues to be the best selling promotional USB stick in the market today and this mono variant is likely to ensure that it retains this position for the foreseeable future.

If you do order any mono Twister USB flash drives then make sure you take the time to pre-load them with your sales material, sales brochures, media files etc. Pre-loading data typically costs little (or nothing if you’re only loading a few files) and adds significantly to the overall benefit of the USB drives you’re giving away.

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