Black, Small But Perfectly Formed

Not all USB memory sticks are born equal. Some are large, some are small, some are manufactured from plastic whilst others are lovingly crafted from brush aluminium or leather. Some only have a teeny, tiny memory capacity whilst others have a stonking 16GB or 32GB to play with.

Small USB Memory Sticks - Nano

As ever beauty is in the eye of the beholder and at USB2U we’re quite taken by these small, black Nano Slider USB flash drives. It’s the first time we’ve produced them in black and we (and the customer) are delighted with the results. The black finish on the USB stick works particularly well with the two-tone blue print and the attached black keyring attachment finishes it off perfectly!

At only 33mm x 12mm the Nano Slider is the smallest USB memory stick we supply so if you are looking for something that sits comfortably on a keyring then this is about as handy and unobtrusive as it gets.

The case (shell) colour can be produced in any colour you want albeit black we’ve decided does look pretty spectacular. Despite the small size of the Nano it can still be supplied with memory up to 16GB.

Whichever model of branded USB memory sticks you choose it’s worth thinking about loading data onto them before you hand them out to your customers, prospects or staff. The primary function of a USB stick is to hold and carry data so it makes sense to use the memory you are paying for to pre-load your sales brochures, price lists and any other collateral.

Most recipients of a promotional USB stick will plug it into a PC or Mac and will typically look at any files that are loaded onto the stick. Whether you “lock” the data onto the stick is optional but if you’re only buying sticks with a small amount of memory on them locking the data is not recommended because people simply won’t use them if there is no space left onto which they can save their own data. If they don’t use them then you won’t get any on-going brand exposure, which is one of the usual benefits of giving away USB memory sticks.

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