Best Way to Send Data for USB Sticks to USB2U

We offer free data loading of 200MB onto all USB memory sticks we supply* so understandably a lot of customers take advantage of this offer – after all they’d be daft not to!

One of the most expensive elements of any USB memory stick is the flash memory and typical promotional USB drives have around 2GB to 4GB memory which gives plenty of scope to large some pretty hefty data files, videos, sales brochures, conference notes, press releases etc. to be pre-loaded onto them before they are handed out.

Loading data onto USB sticks yourself has got to be one of the most mind numbing, tedious and soul destroying jobs there is! Even before you start you need to get your data structured and ready on your PC by creating a “master copy”, then comes the fun task (not) of removing  the USB sticks from their packaging, remove the caps and then inserting them one at a time and copying over the files. At the end of each copy you’ll have to click to “safely remove” the USB stick before you can repeat the process over and over again – data-loading sticks this way can easily burn through hours and hours of time.

Much easier to send the files to us and let us load them using our professional data-loading machines – we can load up to 50 USB sticks at a time.

But, one of the inevitable challenges faced by companies who buy USB sticks from us (particularly those that buy them and need them printed or engraved and data-loaded within a day or two) is how they get the data to us. Our email system, in common with most email systems, won’t accept files much over 20MB so email is not always an option. Even when it looks as though an email has been sent “OK” it can often get blocked (at either end) by overly aggressive anti-virus and filters that use on most corporate email systems.

The safest and easiest way to send the data is to either load a copy onto a USB stick or CD and post it to us or even better (and easier still) is to use a file transfer service like Dropbox, yousendit or even SKYPE. You can open accounts with any of these companies for free and you can typically send many hundreds of megabytes of data without incurring any charges – they’re easy to use and you get confirmation when the data files have been delivered.

If you’re not sure how to set up an account just speak to your account manager and they’ll talk you through the options and guide you through the process.

However you get the data to us please do take advantage of the free data loading offer!

USB Data Transfer Options

*free uploads does not apply to our SuperExpress and Express Services where charges may apply.

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