Bespoke USB Flash Drives – Take Control

If you’re looking to buy some branded USB flash drives for a forthcoming event, product launch or show then rather than settling for a standard design with your logo or brand printed on it why not consider a bespoke solution.

The vast majority of promotional memory sticks given away in the UK are normally one of a small handful of standard “factory” designs with the ubiquitous “Twister” or “Rotate” model as its sometimes referred to being the most commonly used.

These standard models are popular because they are easy to source, they come in a range of colours and they carry print well. As a promotional product they are great in so far as they go hence why they are ordered in such large volumes. These standard drives are a “safe bet” and because they are readily available and can typically be delivered in a week or so there is little need to forward plan.

Whilst these attributes are all excellent and they really do deliver as a promotional product (particularly if you pre-load them with data) there is no doubt that bespoke flash drives will really get you noticed and will generate a level of “chatter” and interest that standard flash drives simply can’t match.

Of course if you just want your branded flash drives to carry your logo and be a vehicle for distributing presentation slides, product information etc. then a standard drive might be appropriate.

Custom USB

Bespoke flash drives are designed and manufactured to your exact requirements. They can be manufactured in any 2-D or 2-D shape and from a range of different materials. Just like a standard flash drive they are available in a range of different memory sizes and they can be printed, embossed or engraved as required.

When it comes to designing custom memory sticks pretty much anything can and has been done ranging from USB fruit, USB people, USB vehicles, USB cartoon characters and so on. So, if for example you are a widget manufacturer and you’re about to launch a new widget on the world and you have a press launch arranged to underpin the launch you might consider commissioning a bespoke flash drive in the shape of your widget. Consider the impact when these are handed out at the press event and product launch particularly if they are pre-loaded with all the launch material.

Standard branded flash drives are still incredibly well received and whilst we’re not quite at the point of people saying or thinking “so what” there is no doubt that the market is in danger of saturation. You can cut through this by going the extra mile and commissioning a bespoke flash drive. Do bear in mind that the lead time for bespoke flash drives is 2-3 weeks longer so build this into your plans.

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