Beat The VAT Hike – Order Your USB Flash Drives Now

VAT Rise Rise in VAT

With one month to go before the VAT rate increase to 20% there’s never been a better time to order branded USB flash drives. If you do have any events coming up early in 2011 then its definitely worth getting your order for your flash drives in now after all no one likes to pay more tax than they need to!

Don’t leave it too late to place your orders because strictly speaking your order will have to ship before the 4th January 2011 to qualify for VAT at the current rate of 17.5%. Given that it normally takes around 10 days from the date of order to delivery and this lead times is likely to be impacted by the Christmas holidays you need to act fast to beat the introduction of the new VAT rate.

As an added incentive this month USB2U are offering free data loading on all orders of 100 USB flash drives or more. Data loading or pre-loading typically costs around 40p to 80p per USB stick so the savings you’ll make can be quite substantial.

Although data loading your USB flash drives is definitely worth doing it does put a little bit of pressure on you to get your content organised and supplied to USB2U so that they can pre-load the sticks before delivery. Don’t be put off by this little bit of extra effort on your part, after all USB sticks are designed to carry data and there’s no better way to get your content (brochures, PDF’s, media files, press releases, etc.) in the hands of your customers than pre-loading them onto the USB memory sticks your planning to give away.

If you’re not sure which USB flash drive from the extensive range we offer would look best with your brand or logo printed on then just email through your artwork and one of our in-house designers will create a number of different mock-ups for you to consider. Our in-house design team have helped literally thousands of customers over the last 8 years make the right choices and get the best from their budget so you’ll be in safe hands and of course it’s a free design service so make the most of it!

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