Barrels of USB Fun This Christmas

One of the more interesting and unusual USB flash drives available at the moment is the USB barrel. These are cute little wooden and metal barrels that have got a USB connector and USB flash memory embedded inside the barrel.

USB Barrel

The barrels can be printed or embossed with a logo and supplied in an optional attractive presentation box. The base of the USB barrels is magnetic so you can play all sorts of interesting games with them to pass the time – picking up paperclips and staples, seeing how many USB barrels you can hang from a single barrel, Ten Pin USB barrel bowling and so on….!

On a more serious note the USB barrels are ideal for the wines and spirits sector or Scotch Whisky Distilleries who might want to promote their products in a slightly more innovative way. If you’re selling premium Whisky then these USB barrels are an excellent way to raise awareness about your brand and your whisky. Whilst you can’t send them out filled with a sample of the whisky you can pre-load them PDF’s or documents detailing the history behind the distillery, the brands that you blend, tasting notes, discount vouchers and featured whisky tours.

Of course the use of USB barrels is not limited whisky, the same principals apply to any fine wine or spirits.

USB barrels are available in dark or light wood finishes and memory sizes ranging from 1GB all the way up to a massive 16GB with even the smallest version providing ample room for pre-loading lots of important information about the drink(s) being promoted.

Whilst there are lots of “standard” styles of USB flash drives to choose from the USB barrels are just that little bit different as well as being incredibly robust and strong. If you’d like a quote for branded USB barrels just give us a call or fill out our the quote form on our web site.

USB Barrels

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