Bank Holiday Not A Problem For Printed USB Memory Sticks at USB2U

If you’ve been expectantly waiting for your printed USB memory sticks to arrive only to find that the Bank Holiday has put a bit of a spanner in the works then don’t panic because USB2U can turn around printed or engraved USB memory sticks from UK stock in under 24hrs!

So, if you do arrive back at your desk on Tuesday and get an email or call from your usual supplier of USB sticks to inform you that “there’s a bit of a problem with your order” then you might want to pick up the phone and call the team at USB2U. They carry a wide range of different styles and memory sizes of USB sticks in the UK and are they’re able to print or engrave in-house. So if you get your call in early enough you could have your promotional sticks on your desk the very next morning!

They also carry a huge range of different accessories and tons of different boxes (over 50,000 boxes in fact!) all of which can also be personalised with a logo as well if that’s what you need.  Lanyards?  Not a problem because they have those too. Same with keyrings and clasps.

The key message is that if you find that your order from another supplier has been delayed for whatever reason then all is not lost. USB2U can typically recover most situations and have been known to turnaround orders in less than a couple of hours!

Even data-loading onto the USB sticks is not a problem because USB2U have invested heavily in state of the art professional data-loading and data-duplication machines that allow them to pre-load thousands of USB sticks every day. Your data can be set-up so that it’s protected (meaning it can’t be deleted  by the user) or it can be set-up to “auto-run” so that your web page, PDF’s or application will automatically start when the  USB sticks is inserted into a PC .

It does not matter if you only need 25 printed USB sticks or 1,000 USB sticks albeit for larger quantities minor miracles of next day delivery of a little harder to produce unless they are informed very early in morning and their schedule is not already filled with lots of jobs for other customers in a similar situation.

The best advice if you need printed USB memory sticks in a hurry is to call them – they have an 0800 phone number so they’ll pay for the cost of the call (if you’re ringing from a landline). Their friendly and knowledgeable team will talk you through the options, arrange urgent mock-ups and proofs for your sign-off and get your sticks to you in double quick time. Simples!

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