Back To School With Branded USB Memory Sticks

With the nights drawing in, schools have reopened for the start of a new academic year. With this, comes a growing trend for schools to offer branded USB memory sticks to pupils and staff alike.

So why should schools consider Branded USB Memory sticks and how can they get best ‘bang for buck’ when procuring them?

The more progressive schools understand that USB Memory sticks are an ideal vehicle to allow pupils and staff to store and transport information at school and between home and school, make changes / mark and upload to the school network.

However, there are some additional benefits that may be more subtle, but equally as important.

  • Reducing the cost of printing and transporting paper, so its environmentally friendly.
  • Pupils can back up coursework that they complete at home or at school as a safety net.
  • The USB Memory sticks can be branded with the school logo to add greater affinity with the school.
  • Passwords can be added to the Customised Memory sticks so if the data is sensitive it can be made secure.
  • Data can be loaded and protected on the Branded USB Memory sticks. So the school could consider providing all the standard school docs, e.g. school term dates, policies, link to web sites etc.
  • A unique serial number can be printed to the side of the Branded USB Memory stick to allow any lost memory sticks to be easily reunited with their owner.
  • A strip can also be added to the Branded USB Memory stick so users can add their names.

Branded Memory Sticks

With the current scrutiny of school budgets and horror stories in the media of poor procurement from schools / LEAs, what should you consider when purchasing Branded USB memory sticks.

  • Try to obtain three quotes from established UK suppliers
  • Ensure that you are offered a line of credit, you should not ne required to make any upfront payments.
  • A free sample of the proposed USB Memory stick should be requested.
  • Ensure that the chips in the Branded Memory sticks are new and not recycled or reconditioned.
  • Consider contacting other local schools and purchasing a larger order with different logos, as economies of scale would definitely drive the price down.
  • Explore getting a local company to sponsor the production of the memory sticks and in return you can add their logo / contact details to the back.
  • Parents may be willing to make a contribution to the Custom Memory Stick so they can become cost neutral.

The benefits of Branded USB Memory sticks combined with pupils appetite for new technology has lead to many leading schools embracing USB Memory Sticks as an essential tool for learning.

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