Are Your Suppliers Of Custom USB Sticks All Heart

Custom USB memory sticks are available in all sorts of different shapes and sizes and if you can't find exactly what you're looking for you can always get your own design commissioned. But, before you rush to get your own custom USB sticks designed and manufactured it's worth spending some time researching what is already available.

Don't think you're going to be restricted to a range of pretty basic rectangular shaped plastic sticks because the range now is vast - off the shelf options include square drives, round drives, drives made from wood, leather and metal, flash drives that "glow", bamboo drives that are 100% recyclable, flash drives that are made to wear like a wristband and flash drives that are in the shape of a heart.

The list is almost endless and then add to this colour variations within each model, the fact that some come "trimmed" with leather or metal and you start to get a feel for just how overwhelming it can be to narrow it down to a suitable drive.

If you do struggle or you're not the most decisive of people when it comes to making a decision about these sort of things you could ask your supplier to work up a few examples for you - most will do this and most have in-house designers that over the years will have developed an "eye" for what works and what doesn't. Push the problem (or challenge) at them and get them to apply some creativity to the sales process.

Remember that whichever Custom USB sticks you finally choose you should get your suppliers to pre-load your sales material, press release information etc. onto the sticks - and don't expect to pay for this service unless you are loading huge amounts of data onto the sticks. It's not a question of the suppliers being "all heart" and doing this for the love of it but instead it's a reflection of just how competitive things are in the market at the moment.

Heart Shaped USB Memory Sticks

Other things to expect from your supplier as part of the "standard service" are; free delivery (in country anyway), free print and payment with the order should be a "no no". It's fair enough if you've not traded with them before to expect paying as they ship your order to you but not as you place your order which could be up to 2-3 weeks before they ship them out. You might even be able to squeeze out a free "rush service" if you're in a hurry and they have spare capacity - it's certainly worth asking the question.

If you're suppliers are not able to supply the above core services and/or are not prepared to negotiate on some of the things they would normally charge for them be prepared to walk away or at the very least shop around for competitive quotes.

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