Are Power Banks About to Charge up the Promotional Charts

Every once in a while a product comes along and you just know it’s going to take the promotional gift market by storm. One of such product is the Power Bank. Like most good ideas it’s simple but brilliant.

A Power Bank is basically just a re-chargeable battery in a fancy outer case (shell). The Power Bank is charged from a mains supply or PC (via the supplied USB cable) and it can then be used as a portable back-up power supply to re-charge any portable device. The most popular use for them is to re-charge smart phones but they’re equally capable of re-charging other small devices like tablets, handheld games consoles, e-cigarettes, e-readers and electric toothbrushes!

Promotional Power Banks Promotional Power Banks

With most of us now owning a smart phone and all of us facing the challenge of keeping these power hungry devices charged during the day a well-designed and good looking power bank is a must. If you’re an international traveller then you’ll be aware of the new security checks that mean you have to turn up at the check in gates with your devices charged and capable of being switched on – if they can’t then at best you’ll have to surrender the item, at worst you’ll miss your flight.

Wooden and Metallic Power Banks Wooden and Metallic Power Banks

We predict Power Banks are going to be a huge success in the promotional market in 2015 because they meet a real need amongst people that are given them. They’re going to want to carry them with them everywhere and they’re likely to develop a stronger emotional attachment to them than they will to say a mug, a badge or a T-Shirt. Something that can get your smart phone working again and can help you to re-connect to your friends and colleagues, help you get your emails and catch up on Twitter has a very high perceived value.

With prices now coming in around £3 - £5 per unit (depending on model, battery power and packaging options) Power Banks are relatively cheap to buy. They look great branded up with a logo and they’re big enough to carry a strong message or strapline and there are lots of different designs and styles to choose from.

But, what makes them a real winner is the overall combination of utility, perceived value, price point, and plain old desirability – people are going to want one and when they have one they’re going to keep it and keep using it!

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