Anyone Fancy A Game of USB Jenga

Not only do wooden USB flash drives make great promotional giveaways but if you order enough they’re brilliant for playing USB Jenga with. Test you physical and metal prowess with our wooden USB twister flash drives!

USB Jenga

Of course we’re not suggesting for a minute that you should while away the hours at work or at any trade show you’re attending by playing Jenga with you precious wooden flash drives but it’s certainly an interesting way to attract attention – just make sure it’s the right sort of attention.

Wooden USB flash drives have undergone a bit of a renaissance lately with interest fuelled by their strong “eco” credentials and the launch of lots of new designs and styles.

Most “wooden” USB flash drives are actually manufactured from bamboo, which is super environmentally friendly (partly because it grows at around 1m per day). It’s also very tough and hardwearing and it looks great engraved or printed.

If you’re company wants to push out a message about being “environmentally conscious” then you could do a lot worse then using wooden (or bamboo) USB flash drives as a promotional product.

Make sure you pre-load them with all of the sale material and collateral that you’d normally print – this way not only do you end up with an environmentally friendly promotional product but you can take it one stage further by saving on paper, print and transport costs. It’s also a lot easier to carry a few hundred bamboo USB flash drives loaded with sales material rather than boxes and boxes of brochures (many of which end up in the bins at trade shows because people don’t want to trudge around with them)

Wooden USB Flash Drives

If you choose a wooden USB flash drive you don’t have to compromise of storage capacity or performance – they are available in memory sizes of 128MB all the way up to a massive 16GB onto which you could store the equivalent of a small library!

To really appreciate just how good these products are its worth getting a sample so if you are interested just call us or fill out our on-line enquiry form and one of our team will be in touch in a flash and they’ll arrange a sample for you.

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