Announcing The New Flexible PVC USB Flash Drives From USB2U

Custom USB flash drives manufactured in a 3-D shape have been possible for a number of years but typically they are not cheap and they have quite a long lead-time (you should allow around 6 weeks for the production and approval process).

PVC USB Flash Drives

Done well custom USB flash drives do look fantastic and there are some great examples around of flash drives manufactured in the shape of trucks, Nike trainers, eggs and musical instruments. Literally anything is possible providing you have the time and are prepared to spend a little more money on them compared to standard factory designs.

Custom USB flash drives are popular because they:

  • Create more of an impact when they are handed out
  • They generate “chatter” about the brand or product that the flash drive has been produced in the image of.
  • They’re good “ice-breakers” for sales people at the start of a meeting.
  • They work incredibly well at press events to launch a new product or service
  • They will be unique to the company that has commissioned them.
  • Just like any “regular” flash drive they can be supplied in a wide range of memory sizes and pre-loaded with sales or presentation documents before they are handed out.

PVC USB Flash Drive

The new PVC USB flash drives launched by USB2U have all of the benefits of a custom USB flash drive but without the large tooling and set-up costs and they are available with a much more aggressive lead time.

The PVC drives can be produced in any shape (2-D shape) and are supplied with an integral key ring attachment. They’re lightweight and the USB connector slides back into the body of the flash drive when not in use so there is no cap to use. The examples on this page show the wide range of shapes and designs that can be produced but literally anything is possible!

One of the beauties of these new flash drives is the quality of print that be achieved – both sides of the drive can be printed using a four colour print processes to generate a photo realistic finish. The quality of the print is really crisp and bright.

PVC USB Sticks

Because the flash drives are made from PVC the body of the flash drive is slightly “squishy” but this does not detract from the overall effect and is a positive advantage if you’re getting them produced in the shape of things like fruit or t-shirts.

So, if you’re looking for a flash drive that is a little bit different from the “norm” but you don’t want to pay (or wait) for a fully customised 3-D flash drive then these new drives might be just what you need.

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