50,000 Reasons to Choose USB2U for Your USB Sticks

If you needed persuading that USB2U is the only place to buy your promotional USB memory sticks from then the arrival of 50,000 gift boxes might just swing the decision for you.

Whilst lots of other USB suppliers ship everything in on an order by order basis from “their factories” in China at USB2U we prefer to hold stock in the UK. This applies not just to our USB sticks but to the accessories and boxes we supply as well.

By buying in bulk and sea freighting larger and heavier items like gift boxes and key rings to the UK we can reduce our costs which in turn allows us to be offer more competitive prices to our customers. By holding large stock levels in the UK we are also better equipped to respond to customer requests for urgent and guaranteed delivery of promotional USB sticks and gift boxes.

Black Flip Gift Boxes for USB Memory Sticks - from USB2U

Our UK stock holdings coupled with our in-house capabilities to print, engrave, data-load, QA and ship thousands of USB sticks every day makes us the obvious choice for anyone wanting to buy USB sticks and be assured of their delivery when they need them.

Various USB Stick Gift Boxes from USB2U

Our USB memory stick gift box solutions include our Black Flip Box (ideal for engraving), our new White Flip Box (better suited to printing), our standard white gift boxes and our magnetic flip boxes. All of these are supplied with custom foam inlays each of which are designed to fit snuggly around the USB sticks.

The vast majority of our boxes can be supplied within 24hrs (including engraving or printing) and they really do help to lift the overall look and feel of any USB stick placed inside them. Our cardboard boxes are made from re-cycled material so they’re ideal if you are pushing an “eco-friendly” message.

For prices and availability call USB2U now.

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