5 Reasons To Buy Promotional USB Memory Sticks

If you’re wondering why so many companies are buying promotional USB memory sticks at the moment here’s a few reason to help you understand what’s underpinning the demand for them:

  1. People like being given USB memory sticks – a recent BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) survey found that people prefer to be given USB Sticks (45%). Next in the list came pens (39%) swiftly followed by mugs (36%). USB sticks were the clear winner because they were considered to be the most useful.
  2. They’re easy to uses - simply plug them into any PC and you can save data to the stick or retrieve saved information from the stick in a matter of seconds. They work on any PC equipped with a USB port (and that’s pretty much everything these days) and they work equally well on Macs.
  3. USB sticks pre-loaded with sales collateral, presentation files, media files and press release information are great at sales conferences, shows, seminars and press events. The cost of buying the USB sticks can be offset by the savings made not printing the brochures etc.
  4. They look great printed with a company logo or school crest. A wide range of different USB flash drives are available in all sorts of styles and shapes and made from lots of different materials. Popular models like the Twister USB stick can even have the body shell colour matched to help enhance the overall look of the printed disk.
  5. The price of Printed USB flash drives continues to fall and the minimum order quantities are now as low as 25 pieces – expect to pay around £2-£3 for an entry level USB stick printed with your logo (including printing on both sides and with a free lanyard or key ring).

Promotional USB Sticks

This year thousands of companies will give away millions of promotional USB sticks printed with their logo on. USB sticks have moved from being a “techie” product to a mainstream promotional product in just a few years and they set to be with us for a more years yet.

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