4GB Flash Drives for £500 – Are You Having A Laugh

How much would you be willing to pay for a really good-looking 4GB USB flash drive? To be clear we’re talking about a 4GB flash drive and not a paltry 512MB or 1GB drive.

Cartier 4GB Flash Drive Cartier 4GB Flash Drive

Would you pay £10, £25 or more? Well, Cartier, the renowned French jeweller and watchmaker have just released their Cartier Logotype Décor USB Flash Drive that can be yours for a cool £500 ($800). Yes, you did read that correctly that’s £500 or to put it another way £125 per GB of storage space.

Of course as you’d expect from Cartier this is no ordinary USB flash drive; its case is made from Palladium and it’s beautifully accented with glossy black lacquer and of course it has the cachet of the Cartier brand.

Cartier 4GB USB Flash Drive Cartier 4GB USB Flash Drive

Palladium has been used to make jewellery since 1939. It’s a precious metal and a member of the platinum group of metals. It’s a naturally occurring white metal but it’s notoriously difficult to work with. Recent advancements in casting techniques coupled with a large spike in the price of platinum and a drop in the price of palladium has seen it’s popularity rocket.

At around $750 per ounce Palladium is currently about half the price of gold and although its not clear how much Palladium is used in the manufacture of Cartier’s flash drive it will no doubt have a major bearing on the cost.

Unless you’ve got plenty of cash to spare or you’re trying to impress some very very important clients then the Cartier Flash Drive is likely to be a little bit out of reach or you might just consider it so ostentatious that you wouldn’t buy it even if you could afford it.

For the most people standard 4GB USB flash drives will suffice. Even if you’re looking to get a top quality metal USB flash drive engraved with your company logo on you’re only looking at about £4 per drive – less than 1% of the cost of the Cartier version but with exactly the same functionality!

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