2011 World University Games in Shenzen – Delays To Flash Drives Possible

The World University Games also known as Universiade  (the name is a combination of the words “University” and “Olympiad”) is the second largest international multi-sport event. Only the Olympic Games themselves are bigger.

Universiade-2011 Universiade-2011

Shenzhen will host the Universiade in 2011 between the 8th August and the 18th of August. The city beat four other candidate cities – Kaohsiung of Chinese Taipei, Poznan of Poland, Kazan of Russia and Murcia of Spain. The region of Shenzen (China), located near Hong Kong, is a busy port, a major manufacturing centre for “High Tech” products and one of the fastest growing cities in the world

During the games around 7,500 athletes will take part in 306 events across 24 sports and they’ll do this in 63 stadiums and gymnasiums, 22 of which are newly built, 36 have been renovated or upgraded, and five will be temporary venues that will be dismantled after the Games.

Team GB will be sending over 200 athletes to Shenzen to participate in the World University Games some of whom have already secured their place in the 2012 Olympics.

As tends to be the way when any country or city hosts a global event security is stepped up and the World University

USB Drives USB Drives

Games are no exception. So, whilst the games are going to be a fantastic spectacle the downside for any company shipping goods in or out of the Shenzen region over the next few weeks is the possibility of delays caused by greater security checks on all packages passing through customs.

Given that pretty much all USB flash drives in the world are manufactured by factories based in or around Shenzen anyone buying promotional or branded USB flash drives for a specific event just needs to be aware of the possibility of a delay.

Our recommendation is that you build a few extra days into your schedule “just in case” your order gets delayed. If your order has already been delayed and you’re in danger of missing your event then don’t panic because at USB2U we always hold emergency stock and we can get this printed and delivered to you in as little of 48hrs!

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