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Flash Drives for Videographers

When it comes to videography, many businesses choose to use USB sticks in order to store and share their films/projects with their clients. Wedding films in particular have seen a massive shift away from traditional DVD formats, with many videographers now choosing to use USBs instead. The main reason for this is down to the fact that flash drives in general now have the capacity to support large media files, are highly versaitle and have been universally adopted by most consumers.  

USB2U offers various USB sticks for videographers, which work perfectly as gifts for clients whether it be for wedding films or any other special occasion. 

Below you will find some hints and tips to help you pick out the perfect USB product for your clients. 


The most important thing to note...

When looking for USB sticks for your videography business, the first question you should ideally ask yourself is how much space you are likely to need on your flash drive. There's nothing worse than discovering that you don't have enough room on your device to fit all of your content.

USB2U often recommend that where possbile, videographers should always buy more memory than they actually need, this way there is room for maneuver if a project does become larger than first anticipated. Anything below 16GB in capacity is likely to be risky unless you are fully aware of the output file sizes you generally produce.

The video format used for filming such as FullHD or UHD/4K will often have an impact on how much space you will need on your memory stick with FullHD films being anywhere from 16GB+ depending on the video codec being used, the output file format and the overall duration of the editted content. 

USB Video Recording

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Selecting the right USB product for your business.

Your USB sticks should leave a lasting impression on your clients and ultimately help advertise your business not only to them but to others as who are also likely to also see the finish product, such as family and friends. Wedding films are likely to be viewed a number of times both, so it's important that whatever USB design you choose, it must be recognisable, impactful and above all else of a high quality.

USB2U offers a fine collection of USB sticks as well as packaging options branded with your business logo which make for excellent gifts for clients. We've hand picked a few products that are popular with videographers below but feel free to take a look at our full range using the links. 

Something you may have noticed- all our USB flash drives offered to videographers and photographers use 3.0 chipsets, as these operate at higher read and write speeds than standard USB 2.0, thus providing an easier time when uploading files and when being viewed by your customers.


 USB File System Formats

Choosing the correct file system format.

It's important that videographers are aware of the different USB file system formats out there to determine which one is fit for purpose. Most USB flash drives are set up in a FAT32 format as standard, as it is one of the most compatible between Windows and Mac operating systems.

While this may sound great on paper, this format unfortunately comes with a major drawback for videographers in that it does not allow transfers of single files larger than 4GB. For a videographer wanting to transfer a media file larger than this (which would be the majority) you can imagine this becomes quite problematic. 

USB2U recommend that all videographers reformat their flash drives to ExFAT which is both compatible with Windows and Mac, and also supports larger file transfer sizes. To find out more about this please visit our page on USB formats which gives an in-depth guide fo how to find out which file system your device is currently set to and also how to go about reformatting if neccesary. 


Work with your clients.

USBs are designed to work on a variety of different machines which support a USB port and as such are an excellent way of allowing your clients to view your contribution to their wedding/special occasion. It's important however to be aware of how your clients are choosing to use your USBs, in order to provide them with any relevant advice as sometimes unexpected issues can arise. 

2 classic examples that we have seen before...

1. A  client wishes to use their USB on a TV. While a completely sound idea in principle, in practice some TV's may not offer support for the video file format that the film has been saved in, or may not even have a USB port to begin with!

2. Clients are using an older operating system/machine that does not recognise the USB device or cannot read the files. 

Working with your clients to ensure files are saved in a workable format and providing support once your branded USBs have been sent out, will ensure good feedback and could save you a few headaches alogn the way. 

At the end of the day if there is an issue with any USBs ordered through us we are more than happy to help!

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