Wooden USB Sticks

Wooden USB sticks have become increasingly common among companies looking for promotional flash drives, and with good reason. Wood is of course much more environmentally friendly than plastic, and all of the maple, walnut and bamboo that USB2U use is FSC approved to be sustainably sourced. Alongside this, wooden USB sticks provide a much more natural aesthetic, and have a brilliantly tactile and durable feel. 

For companies with a more environmentally friendly image, or those who are looking to improve their carbon footprint whilst continuing to use promotional products, wooden USB sticks are a fantastic choice.

Whichever style of USB stick you choose from in our wooden range, each is available in either a maple or walnut wood finish, can be printed or laser engraved and on request can be supplied with either lanyards, keyrings and/or presentation boxes. As wood is a natural resource, there may be a variation in the grain, however, we will always work to make sure that each stick is as uniform as possible.

3 items

3 Items

Our Styles

Our popular Woodland USB sticks are available in both light and dark wood, naturally sustainable bamboo, or can be painted in a white or pastel colour (a popular option for wooden USB3.0 USB sticks for professional photographers). The Twister, one of our most popular USB sticks from our Classics range is available in a wooden version too, with the rotating cap in metal.

You might like our Wooden Swivel USB sticks — our 100% wooden alternative to the Twister USB. If our rectangular options are a bit square for you, our Sapling and Leaf models are rounded and oval respectively, with both of them having a wider surface for bigger logos or designs.

Our Wood Barrel USB, popular with drinks brands, has a metal screw cap with a keyring loop and a metal magnetic base.