Promoting Your Brand With Promotional Car Accessories

Car accessories provide a great form of merchandising for companies, enabling them to endorse a wider product range to their customers. 

They can help to increase a brand's overall exposure and are great to use as part of a direct marketing campaign. As well, car accessories can also be used as handouts at corporate shows and events to help increase overall visibility in what can be an extremely crowded market and ensure that each business can offer something unique and memorable to their clients.

USB2U offers a range of promotional car accessories, fully brandable with a company logo or message. 

Promotional Car Accessories


Branded products with screen printing

Branded in the UK

Many of the promotional car accessories we offer are held in UK stock and printed on to using our own machinery. This ensures shorter lead times.


Visual Mock-Ups of products

Visual Mock-Ups of All Products

Pick your product/s and send us your company logo/artwork and we’ll produce a visual mock/proof of what the end result will look like.


Trusted Promo Tech Supplier

Trusted Promotional Tech Supplier

We have over 15 year’s experience in the promotional marketing and worked with over 10,000 different companies of all sizes.



Promotional Car Phone Holders

Car phone holders make for an effective promotional product primarily because they offer a generous surface area for printing onto, and can also create excellent brand exposure due to the product naturally appearing in the customer's eye line when in use.

All phone holders that we offer can hold a variety of different smartphone models and can be adjusted with relative ease to suit most vehicle dashboards or vents. 

Promotional Car Phone Holders

Promotional Car Chargers

Car chargers are a relatively universal product which can turn an unused cigarette lighter into a modern USB port capable of charging up devices while on the go.

USB2U offers various styles of chargers all of which can be branded with a company's logo.

The Rainbow Car Charger (pictured) in particular remains a popular choice by many due to the fact that it can be customised with 1 of 8 coloured trims which light up when the device is plugged in, helping to make any logo on the front stand out.  

Promotional Car Phone Holders

Smart Accessories

Smart Accessories that we offer are multi-functional meaning they often come with additional features/ benefits for the end user.

Such car accessories are pretty sophisticated but still present unique branding opportunities for businesses looking for a product that is both modern and can help to wow just about any customer. 

USB2U are continuously looking to expand the range of smart tech available for businesses

Promotional Smart Car Accessories

Promotional Car Gift Sets

USB2U often combines promotional products together with great looking packaging to create bespoke solutions for our clients. 

Each element is branded including the packaging to offer something that can be used as a corporate gift for clients or staff, or as part of a direct marketing campaign. 

You can choose between pre-made sets or alternatively create your own combination of products just let us know what your requirements are. 

Promotional Car Gift Sets

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