Custom USB Sticks

About Custom USB Sticks

Custom USB sticks are perfect for those looking for something a little different to give to their customers or clients and can help to truly bring across a brand's image/identity in the most creative way possible. By creating your own custom USB sticks you can ensure you will have a promotional item that is totally unique

Usually taking the shape of an item that is closely related to the business, these custom memory sticks are designed using soft PVC, and we will even match the colours to the brand or physical product. Checks and samples are always made and the end results can be truly brilliant.

For more information on they are made, see our blog post on the process of custom USBs and power banks here.

What Kind Of Designs Can I Have?

Made from form of soft PVC, the designs are built up layer by layer using molds, and this means designs that you might not think are possible can still be achieved, all whilst using bold and interesting colours.

If you have an idea in mind, no matter how wacky or unachievable you think it might seem at first, our creative team will do all that they can to make it a reality. They have lots of experience and will help to advise what can and can't be done.

Whilst some simply opt for a 3D version of their logo, we also do more "out there" designs. Our previous custom USB stick styles and designs have ranged from ice-creams, bananas, elephants, guitars and even airplanes!

Contact our team if you wish to discuss an idea.

Get creative with your USBs

Custom designed USB sticks allow businesses to get creative with their promotional USBs whilst enabling them to truly showcase their brand identity.

High-quality 2D & 3D Designs

We can produce both 2D (flat) and 3D USB shapes out of soft PVC material (as standard). We'll even help you with the initial design if required.

FREE Pantone Matching

There are no limits on the colours you choose to use for your USB design. Pantone® matching is included as standard ensuring everything is truly on-brand.

We Also Do Custom Power Banks

Not only do we offer custom USB sticks but we can also produce custom made power banks. 

These promotional products make for the perfect giveaway and are slightly larger than your custom USBs allowing for a greater level of detail on designs. 

Please note that custom power banks usually require a slightly longer lead time to manufacture. Minimum order quantity of 250. 

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