Why Reselling Branded USB Memory Sticks Could Be A Real Winner

Are you in the marketing / promotional market? Are you looking to differentiate your existing offering, to add real value, increase the income you get from existing customers or attracting new customers….then why not consider becoming a reseller of USB Branded Memory sticks.

Branded USB Reseller

So what are the benefits of offering Custom USB Memory sticks?

  • Branded USB Memory sticks are a unique way to get a client’s brand and content to end users in a simply and cost effective way.
  • Branded USB Memory sticks are now in the mainstream, so if you are not in the market you could be losing out to your competitors.
  • Customised USB memory sticks are quick and easy to manufacturer and have an intrinsic value associated with them. By adding a small margin you have the potential for a supplementary new income stream.
  • If you are new to promotional market Branded USB can be an excellent launch product.

Printed USB

How can you offer Branded USB Memory sticks?
There are two main ways of offering Branded Memory sticks to your customers.

Option 1 – Buying direct from the Far East.

The vast majority of Branded USB Memory sticks come from China and Taiwan. The advantage of buying direct is that you can cut out the middleman and make more margin. However there are many risks associated with this.

Branded USB

  • Far East suppliers will want their money upfront, before starting any production. So you will have cash flow gap to fund as most clients will pay on delivery or on credit terms.
  • If you have not undertaken careful due diligence on the supplier base you could be risking the quality of the goods that are sent or at worst you may never see any goods!
  • The Promotional USB manufacturing process is complex and is riddled with many potential issues that can really cost you from both a reputational and financial perspective.
  • Customs, duty, VAT will all need accounting for.
  • Post sales support must be provided – so what happens if memory sticks need replacing? Sending Branded USB back to the Far East is a difficult, costly and time consuming process.

Option 2 – Buying from a UK provider.

The good news is that there is an easier and lower risk option. By contracting with a reputable UK supplier they will take all of the problems and risk away from you. They will also manage the time consuming element of the Branded USB manufacturing process, leaving you to manage the customer relationship.

The cost may not be that different from dealing direct, as the larger providers will able to demand great economies of scales.

Finding a reputable UK supplier of Branded Memory Sticks

There are many suppliers providing Branded USB Memory Sticks. As with any industry the quality of the organisations varies widely. Whilst normal due diligence is always required, here are a few tips to help you with the process:

Branded USB

  • It is always good practice to run a credit check to make sure your supplier is in good financial health. This is more important if you are being asked to pay upfront for the Branded USB Memory sticks.
  • Reputation speaks volumes. Don’t be afraid to ask for references and testimonials from their existing customer base and make contact. If they have provided excellent service levels, they will not be embarrassed to share their successes.
  • Make sure there are full contact details on the web site including address and contact telephone numbers – and phone them!
  • Ensure they are working from a business premises. There is a growing trend for individuals pertaining to be companies are working from home without the infrastructure to support you if things go wrong. An easy way to check this is by using Google Earth.

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