Why Everyone Loves the Twister Branded Memory Sticks

Love may well make the world go around but the Twister USB Memory Stick seems to have been taken to the heart of the promotions and marketing industry.

Over 50% of all orders for branded and promotional USB Memory sticks are for the humble twister model. Given the breadth of USB memory sticks on offer this is some achievement. On initial inspection it’s hard to see why this fairly plain memory stick has become the preferred choice for so many but there are some key elements to the design that make it a real winner.

  1. It’s available in a huge range of colours and the body shell can be pantone matched relatively easily and inexpensively. Matching the body colour of the Twister to one of the primary colours in your logo or brand really lifts the overall look of the final product.
  2. There’s no cap to lose! The twisting metal casing (hence the name) protects the USB connector from accidental damage but also means there is no cap to lose.
  3. It’s relatively small. The Twister is a compact USB Memory Stick so it’s easy to carry, and store.
  4. It’s tough. The combination of the metal case and the rubberised body make it a particularly tough memory stick.
  5. It’s easy to print on and its one of the few memory sticks that you can print a true 4 colour process onto. So real “photo-effect” finishes are possible making it the ideal choose if you have a complex brands or logos to reproduce.

    Twister USB Memory Sticks
  6. Prefer laser engraving – no problem! The metal case can be laser engraved if you prefer.
  7. Integrated loop for a lanyard – if you want to connect a lanyard or key ring to your branded memory stick then again it’s easy with the Twister because the design of the metal “twister” part incorporates this.
  8. Cost – the simplicity of the design coupled with its popularity means its one of the least expensive memory sticks so if you are working on a tight budget it’s a great choice without having to compromise on the quality or look of the product.
  9. Available in a range of boxes (which can also be printed) or bulk supplied.
  10. Pretty much always available for 48hr delivery from UK stock

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