Why Choose USB2U For Your Branded Flash Drives

A common technique used by some suppliers of USB flash drives is to play on fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD) of customers. By suggesting that the prices quoted by their competitors are “unrealistically low” or that goods supplied will be of “very poor quality” or that they are supplied from a “non-certified” factory they infer that the buyer and more importantly the buyers brand will be put in peril if they buy from anyone but them.

FUD in the branded flash drive market can be particularly unnerving if you’ve never purchased USB flash drives before not least because some of the terms within the industry will be unfamiliar to any new buyer.

Branded USB Flash Drives

If you are considering buying branded USB flash drives from USB2U then here’s a few facts to help dispel any FUD being put around by our competitors:

  1. USB2U and USBNow are trading names of Secure Living Ltd and have been supplying USB flash drives since 2002. During this time we have supplied USB products to over 250,000 customer including thousands of schools, universities and companies both large and small. Our university clients include Cambridge and Oxford and we’re regular suppliers of flash drives to some of the leading companies in the world including Microsoft, BT, IBM, Orange, Unilver and many many more.
  2. We don’t have our own factory because we prefer to partner with a small number of manufacturers including Netac who invented USB flash drives back in 1999 and who hold the core patent for them. Just like Netac all of our partner factories are certified ISO9001 and we visit them regularly to ensure their on-going compliance.
  3. Cheaper prices - By partnering with factories we don’t have to pass on the overheads of managing and maintaining a factory to our clients. Instead, by creating a competitive environment between a small number of trusted partners we are able to secure the best possible prices for the flash drives and ensure diversity of supply.
  4. Fast Lead Times – the vast majority of our customers will receive their printed drives within 10 working days from order and artwork confirmation and for many its even quicker. Unlike many other suppliers we also hold significant stocks of blank (unprinted) flash drives in the UK that we can get printed and delivered within 48hrs!
  5. Always New and Grade A Chips – Our flash drives are built around New Grade A memory chips and you can even request a specific flash module if you have a particular requirement. We can supply Samsung, Hynix, Intel and Micron.
  6. In-house design team – we have our own team of designers in the UK who will work with you and our factory partners to ensure you get a top quality product – the amount of repeat orders we get from our customers is testament to the quality of the drives we produce.
  7. Our “standard” minimum order threshold is 50 flash drives. We can supply less and have accepted orders for 10 units but the reality is that when you buy less than 50 units each flash drive has to carry a number of “fixed” costs, which in turn makes the drives expensive.
  8. We offer 30-day payment terms to all educational establishments, public sector bodies and customers who place a second or subsequent order with us (subject to credit approval).
  9. No Fancy London Office – we’re based in Northampton in the Midlands in a comfortable but basic office/warehouse. The price you are quoted for your flash drives reflects this. Our focus is not on global domination but on providing top quality flash drives at the best possible price in the shortest time we can realistically deliver them.

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