Why Choose Pantone Matched USB Memory Sticks

USB Memory Sticks come in lots of different shapes and sizes these days so it’s pretty easy to find something that’s suitable for your show, exhibition or event. There are literally hundreds of standard “factory” models available some with a cap that twists, some where the USB connectors retracts, and some with a removable cap. Most are manufactured from plastic, some from plastic and aluminium but if these aren’t quite what you wanted there are metal and leather models available also.

With all of these choices making a decision on which USB memory stick to go with can be daunting. Some of the important things to consider are:

  • Will the model I choose be big enough to carry my logo and show it off to best effect? Its surprising how “squished” a logo can look if you print it on the wrong style of USB memory stick and in terms of size not all memory sticks are created the equal. When getting quotes for memory sticks make sure you get high quality mock-ups of your artwork on any short list you’re drawn up.
  • If the memory sticks you are going to hand out are going to take some punishment in day to day use then you need to choose a model and print style that will preserve your brand. After all, you’re paying for the USB memory sticks so you want your brand to survive and not rub off after a couple of weeks! Some of the models on the market can be engraved (which is a resilient way of branding them) and some look great with a resin dome sticker. Dome stickers are commonly used by the computer and automotive industry and allow a protective layer to be applied over a high quality 4-colour print.
  • Capless Vs Cap. The most popular promotional USB flash drives are the capless versions like the Twister or Slider model and this is simply because there is no cap to lose but the shape of these models is not to everyone’s taste.

    Twister USB Flash Drive
  • Choose a USB memory stick that comes in a colour that’s going to compliment and work well with your brand or logo. Don’t just opt of making a decision of choose black or another core colour because getting the colour right can make all the difference. Again, if you’re not sure get your supplier to work up a variety of examples for your consideration.
  • One way of lifting the profile of your branded memory sticks is to colour match the body shell to one of the primary colours from your logo. If you choose the right colour it can look stunning and if you don’t trust your own un-trained eye to select the colour ask your suppliers designer to work up some concepts for you.

    USB Flash Pantone Matched

In our opinion Pantone Matched USB memory sticks look fantastic. You can pantone colour match a number of different styles and whilst it a little more work up-front when you are going through the decision making process it’s a little bit of pain that is definitely worth it.

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