What USB Flash Drive Is Best For You

Now that’s a tricky question. Suggesting that someone knows what’s best for you without understanding at least a little about you is at best likely to lead very general advice and at worst could result in advice being given that is potentially dangerous and/or costly.

The best advice and recommendations on most things are given from a position of expertise on the subject concerned combined with as much information as it’s reasonably possible to acquire from the person or persons asking for the advice.

Branded USB Flash Drives

When it comes to making recommendations on what USB flash drive is best for you or your company the same observations apply. If you’re looking for general advice about what works best for “most” people or what USB flash drive is the most popular then that’s is relatively easy but if you want a more detailed, bespoke response then that will need a degree of consultation with you to understand your precise needs. This “consultation” needs to be done with a company that specialises in the supply of USB flash drives and they will expect to ask you the following:

  • How many USB flash drives you need for your event or activity
  • What you plan to use them for; a trade show, a press event, internal distribution to your staff, students at university etc.
  • The demographic of your target audience – certain styles of USB flash drives work better when the target user is a high net worth individual, e.g. the Credit Card USB
  • The environment they will be used in – this is critical to determine whether you should buy metal USB flash drives or lighter but less robust plastic flash drives
  • What would you like printed on the USB flash drives and do you want to print on one side or two
  • How complex is your company or school logo and how many colours does the logo have
  • Whether you need data to be pre-loaded onto the flash drives and how much data will need loading
  • What’s your budget and does this include VAT
  • How quickly you need the USB flash drives delivered – whilst some models and styles of USB flash drives are held in stock locally and can be supplied within 48hs the majority are manufactured to order. If you need your flash drives quickly be prepared to compromise on models, colours and memory size
  • Do you need accessories like lanyards, keyrings and gift boxes

Branded USB Twisters

Without this information the answer to “what USB flash drive is best for you” is likely to be based on what is typically the most popular or what is in stock and available at the time. So, if you really want the right USB flash drive for the right price and one that will do the best job for your brand and your event then its worth engaging in a proper consultative dialogue with your supplier. This will be time well spent and will ensure you get a branded USB flash drive that you’re delighted with.

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