What Size Power Bank Do I Need?

What Size Power Bank Do I Need?

When you are looking to buy a branded power bank, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of choice there is in the promotional product market, especially when it comes to the range of styles, shapes and battery sizes available.

So what battery size do you or your client actually need your branded power bank to be?

In our handy infographic below, we’ve summarized roughly how much charge the popular sizes of branded power bank will give the average smartphone.

Diagram with battery capacities explaining which battery size power bank you need to charge the average smartphone or tablet.


What size power bank do I need?

  • 2200mAh - 2500mAh power banks will "top up" the charge level on an average smartphone once. 2200mAh is the most popular battery size for promotional power banks used as giveaways at events, and the Edge or Rainbow power banks fit the bill perfectly. The ever popular Credit Card Power Bank boasts a generous print area and a slightly larger 2500mAh battery, giving you a bit more for your money, However, if you're looking to fully charge one of the latest smartphones (such as the iPhone 13 pro or Samsung Galaxy S22), be aware that modern phones have battery sizes from around 3000 - 3700mAh, so a 2200mAh or 2500mAh power bank will only provide a boost rather than fully charging your phone.


  • 4000mAh - 5000mAh power banks will charge the average smartphone fully 1 - 1.5 times. Obviously, it depends on the size of the battery in the device itself (some newer smartphones such as the latest iPhone have larger, more powerful screens demanding more battery power to keep them running!) However, the Mono 4000, Pocket Pro 5000 and the new Credit Card 4000 power banks offer a generous battery size whilst still being incredibly good value for money, so you know they will be treasured by the end user to keep their latest smartphone fully charged.


  • 8000mah – 10,000mAh power banks will charge the average smart phone up to 3 times, as well as charging larger devices such as iPads and other tablets at least once. With bigger battery sizes comes bigger costs, but if you’re looking for a premium product that your customer won’t ever want to leave the house without, then the Alloy 8000 or the Eco Pro 10000 power banks are the one for you. The Alloy 8000 offers a handy digital LED display, showing exactly how much charge is remaining, whilst the Eco Pro 1000 Power Bank is made from recycled plastic and has two USB ports to charge two devices simultaneously. Both of these larger capacity power banks have their advantages but to help you choose, why not request a free mock up with your own or your client's logo to see how these may look.


When you are purchasing branded power banks as a promotional giveaway, it may feel hard to stretch the budget past the entry level battery sizes, but when someone is going to be carrying your logo around in their pocket all day long and hopefully for months or years to come, you want to make sure your promotional power bank is useful and has enough juice to make sure they will never want to throw it away.

Save the day with a branded power bank and your customers will never forget your brand and who gave them a boost when they needed it the most!

Want to learn more about how you can use branded power banks as a marketing tool? Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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