What else can you print on USB Sticks apart from your logo

The most common thing for companies and schools to print on promotional USB memory sticks is their logo although increasingly this is supplemented with their phone number and website address.

Understandably if the objective of handing our promotional USB sticks is to develop your brand, to build some “connection” with your brand and to encourage people to buy from you then you need to a simple and clear message on the USB stick and a logo and contact option (phone number or website address) is the most obvious.

But, logos a not the only option because there are plenty of other ways in which the USB sticks can be personalised or can be used to drive traffic to your business the most obvious of which are:

  1. QR Codes or Quick Response codes to give them their full name are two dimensional bar codes that carry lots more information than traditional bar codes. Originally developed by Toyota to help them keep track of parts and vehicles on their production lines they are now commonly used on a wide range of marketing material – simply scan the printed QR code with a smart phone (loaded with a QR code scanner app) and it will take you directly to a webpage.

    These webpages or “landing pages” will often contain special offers or give you a lot more information on the product/service being advertised.

    QR codes are free to generate and relatively easy to print so it’s perhaps no surprise that they are now finding their way onto promotional USB memory sticks. A great option to prick people’s interest and drive them to your website!

    QR Code on USB Sticks
  2. Serial Numbers – occasionally we get asked to print or more typically engrave serial numbers onto the USB sticks we produce. They’re a way of identifying “batches” of different USB sticks that have the same logo on them – which is handy if you’re pre-loading different data onto different batches of sticks.

    They’re also used by schools and universities to “bind” the USB stick to a particular student – the serial number is recorded when the sticks are handed out making it easy to repatriate the stick to the owner if it’s lost!

    USB Sticks with Serial Numbers
  3. Names – if you really want to personalise your USB sticks before you hand them out then what better way than to engrave or print people’s names on them – it’s pretty easy to do, all you need to do is submit a CSV file with the details on when you submit your order and then every USB will be produced with a unique name on (you choose the placement, size and font style).

USB Sticks With Names On

So, next time you’re thinking of buying any promotional USB memory sticks it might just be worth thinking about getting some additional personalisation added to the sticks in addition to your logo.

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