What Do You Give An Executive That Has Everything

It’s that perennial challenge. You want to send out some gifts to your executive staff or high net worth clients but the gift has got to ooze quality and style without costing a fortune. Not only that but the gift has got to be appropriate and relevant and worthy of adding your brand to – no small challenge then!

Old favourites like fine wines; champagnes and cigars are now considered by many too “risky” to give in today’s politically correct world – no matter how popular they might be with many! The risks of upsetting the health lobby, the anti-smoking lobby, or those who can’t or won’t partake of such things on religious or health grounds pretty much rule them out today.

Executive USB Writing Pens

As boring as it might seem it is much better to stick to simple executive gift ideas like watches, leather wallets, desk organisers or writing pens. If you are looking for a new twist on the writing pen you might consider an executive USB writing pen.

USB writing pens add a “tech” twist to a classic gift and combine the merits of a good, stylish USB memory stick with the well established virtues of a classic writing pen. The USB pens are only marginally larger than a standard pen (the size being dictated to some degree by the USB connector that is hidden in the barrel of the pen), they work just like any standard USB memory stick and are available in a range of memory sizes starting from 1GB and going all the way up to 16GB.

USB Writing Pens

The “writing part” of the pen can be a standard biro (using standard biro refills) or a fountain pen and of course the USB writing pen can be printed or engraved with a personal greeting or your brand/logo.

Just like any quality writing instrument these USB pens are available in top quality gift boxes that will add a personal touch to the gift. Where USB writing pens score highly as a gift is the ability to pre-load onto the flash memory stick information about your company; media files, sales brochures, stock reports, links to web sites etc.

USB writing pens meet all of the criteria of an “executive gift” but because you can pre-load data onto them in a way in which you can with no other gift they ought to be at the top of any executive gift shopping list!

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