What A Difference - 4 Colour Printing On USB Flash Drives

If you’re planning to buy some USB flash drives for your company or school then one of the things you’ll need to consider is whether you print your logo on the USB flash drives in a single colour (typically black) or whether you opt for a full colour print.

If one of your objectives with the flash drives is to help develop your brand and improve your brands awareness then ideally you need to make the flash drives as visually stunning as possible. The simplest way to do this is to choose a flash drive model and colour that compliments your brand/logo and to get your logo printed onto your chosen USB flash drive in full colour.

Full Colour Printing On USB Flash Drives

As the examples here illustrate a full 4-colour print on an appropriate coloured USB drive really does lift the overall look and feel. By comparison a standard black USB drive printed in black looks a little dull and boring and is hardly going to excite anyone its given to. Not a problem if the only objective of the USB drive is to distribute information but if you want to enthuse the recipients about your brand a single colour flash drive with a single colour print falls into the “Ok but could try harder” category.

Despite the aesthetic benefits of a 4-colour print some people are put off buying them because of the extra print costs. Most suppliers of promotional USB memory sticks charge for each colour you have printed with some also charging an “origination fee” per colour as well! If this is the case a 4-colour print on both sides of the stick can add significantly to the overall unit cost.

But, with increased competition between suppliers it is now possible to get 4-colour printing (on both sides of a USB stick) at no additional cost – just make sure you shop around. At the moment USB2U are offering FREE 4-colour printing on both sides of any flash drive supplied from their Classic Range (the offer excludes their rush service) – just call them for full details.

If you really want to push the boat out you could combine a 4-colour print with a pantone matched body shell. Pantone matching is simply an option that allows you to chose a specific colour for the body shell of the USB flash drive. So instead of going with the standard black, red, blue, yellow and white you choose an exact colour for the shell. Typically you’d choose a colour that compliments your logo and get the flash drives manufactured in this colour. If you’re ordering less than 300 units expect to pay a small set-up fee for this option and allow a couple of extra days for the factory to produce your custom shells.

Remember if one of your primary objectives is to get people to remember your brand and your company then it’s worth taking the time to get the print and colour of the USB flash drive right.

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