USBs to be Given to Students During Coronavirus Shutdown

USBs to be Given to Students During Coronavirus Shutdown

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Students are certain schools up and down the country are preparing to give students USBs containing work as well as using email and the internet. This is as they prepare for the inevitable shutdown facing the education sector in the midst of the current Coronavirus crisis.

We have personally been contacted by several different educational establishments who are actively preparing for a shut down, as the number of cases in the UK continues to rise.

In the case of schools shutting, the challenge of how to get work to students is a pressing one. Current methods include a mix of using USB sticks, as well as using email.

If you are considering doing this for your students, there are several benefits.

Work can be pre-loaded onto the USB sticks using our data duplication machines. These machines not only load the data onto multiple USB flash drives very quickly, but they also check each USB is correct and free of errors.

Alongside this, you can also have indvidual student names printed onto the memory stick for easy identification, or this can be done via serial numbers.

Not only have we had schools contact us, but also churches looking to put their services onto USBs for vulnerable people during isolation.

If you a part of an educational establishment and want to know how we can help you, click here, or you can contact us on 01604 685 040.

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