USB2U Launches Mini Website for Professional Photographers

The interest in printed and engraved USB memory sticks from Professional Photographers has grown dramatically over the last couple of years. Partly it’s because very few people want or use CD’s and DVD’s these days and partly it’s because there is far more scope with a USB memory sticks and associated packaging to offer something really spectacular.

At USB2U we specialise in the supply of top quality promotional USB memory sticks but we also put a lot of energy and effort into sourcing a range of complimentary packaging and gift box options. The end results are truly brilliant and they (and we) have gained a huge following amongst the professional photographer community.

To help us show off our range of products and services to the full we have now launched a mini website aimed specifically at wedding and professional photographers. The website is very much a showcase of what we can do but we’ve also tailored it to photographers by focussing on USB sticks with high performance flash memory chips and controllers (essential to handle large, high quality images) and we’ve added a number of “bundles” with transparent prices.

Professional Photographer USB Memory Sticks Professional Photographer USB Memory Sticks

The bundles (and we’ll add more over time) combine some of the most popular USB sticks we sell together with our range of premium wood and glossy white gift boxes. All of them are available printed or engraved and they all include inserts and custom foam options for the boxes.

The vast majority of images on the site are photographs we’ve taken of actual USB sticks and gift boxes we’ve supplied or they are photographs sent to us by our photographer customers.

We’ve also included links to our Pinterest pages, our Facebook pages and our flickr pages – again these are full of tons of images of the many thousands of customer jobs we’ve supplied over the past 11 years.

If you are a professional photographer and you do check out the pages don’t be too harsh on our photography – we’re professional suppliers of USB memory sticks and not professional photographers! We love the photos on the website but we are “keen amateurs” albeit we’re learning fast and we are open to any advice and guidance!

If you’re thinking of buying USB memory sticks from us but you’re still not quite sure then it’s definitely worth checking out what other customers have said about the service they received from us – you can read their reviews on Trustpilot (we’re delighted to currently have a Rating of Excellent and a Trustpilot score of 9.7 out of 10)

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