USB2U Celebrates World Environment Day With New Products

USB2U Celebrates World Environment Day With New Products

Branded Eco friendly usb sticks

In order to celebrate World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2019, we are announcing a new range of more environmentally friendly products. From USBs made of bamboo, to those made from cardboard and cork, these are fantastic new designs made from sustainable or recyclable materials.

Here at USB2U we are always striving to do our bit for the environment, from reducing single use plastic by offering USBs made from recyclable or compostable materials, to reducing our carbon footprint by carefully planning to bring down our air freight year on year.  Our three new USBs below have been carefully selected to focus on moving away from plastic as the main material used, to bamboo, cork and cardboard which all have much better eco credentials.


  • The brand new Cardboard USB is perhaps our greenest product, with the shell made entirely from sturdy cardboard. Shaped like our popular Woodland design, this is a new and unique product, able to be colour printed to achieve bold designs. Cardboard is much more energy efficient to make, and much easier to recycle, than standard wood, plastic or metal.


  • Also new to USB2U is the Cork USB, which is made from fully recyclable cork and is in a cylindrical shape. A neat end cap hides the connector, and the compact design makes it easily portable.  Branding is done via spot colour printing down the side and results in an effective and interesting design.


  • Alongside this, we of course still have our Eco Bamboo USBs, which are a hugely popular product for those looking for a more eco friendly sustainable choice. Bamboo is an easily sustainable product,  able to grow up to a gigantic 98 inches in just 24 hours. Grown without pesticides or need for irrigation, bamboo is a strong, good looking and easily sustainable material that makes it a fantastic candidate for an environmentally friendly USB Flash Drive.


Click on the pictures below to find out more, or to contact us simply call us on +44 (0) 1604 685 040 or email [email protected]

Branded cardboard usb sticks Branded cork usb stick Branded eco bamboo usb stick


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