USB2U Adds More USB Flash Drives to its “Printed in 24Hrs Service”

If you need printed USB flash drives in a hurry then there are very few UK suppliers that can help. Lots offer a “fast” or “rush” service but the reality is that typically means a 5-day wait which is hopeless if you really do need them quickly. After all, if you’re looking to get them at the very last minute then you’re more often than not going to want them the next day (or at the very least within 48hrs) and you’re going to want a fair degree of certainty that nothing is going to delay their delivery.

If the “rush” service you’re being offered is based on products being airfreighted in from China (where most of the flash drives are manufactured) then alarm bells should ring – not because the supplier is necessarily being disingenuous but simply because products imported in a hurry are always subject to potential freight and customs delays and no matter how good the supplier is they have no control over these issues.

Remember the travel chaos caused during the 2010 eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland. It wasn’t just passengers that were delayed but freight as well (including branded USB sticks). It’s also likely that Customs inspections will increase in the lead up to the 2012 Olympics again leading to delays.

So, if you need printed USB sticks in a hurry your safest bet is to use a supplier that holds stock in the UK, can print in the UK and can turn the stock around in 24-48hrs. USB2U is one such supplier and up until now it has offered its USB credit card, Twister, Chic and Trident models on a 24hr service. Today it has added its Probe model (see image below) to the growing portfolio of sticks that are now available on a genuine “rush” service.

Probe UBS Flash Drive - Printed and Delivered in 24hrs

As well as a growing range of styles that are available to order USB2U also hold them in a range of different colours and memory sizes so you’ll have lots of choice and as you can tell from their TrustPilot feedback they don’t sacrifice quality for speed.

USB2U - the first choice for anyone looking for USB flash drives (in a hurry or otherwise).

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