USB Wristbands – Great for Schools and Festivals

Wristbands have become a popular way to support a charity, to demonstrate your support for a particular group or movement or they are used to manage access to festivals and events. Of course most of these wristbands are pretty basic vinyl, plastic or silicone wristbands that provide a simple but effective way of identifying the individual or the group that the individual is supporting.

USB wristbands

USB Wristbands

USB wristbands take this concept one stage further and combine the benefits of a basic wristband with the benefits of a USB flash drive. They are available in a wide range of colours, they can be printed with a logo, crest or marketing message along the full length of the wristband and they can be supplied in memory sizes ranging from 128MB all the way up to 8GB!

So not only can USB wristbands be used to identify you they are a convenient way to carry huge amounts of data around with you and of course this can be anything including music files, school homework files or details of the next music festivals.

USB wristband

USB Wristbands

Lots of schools are buying them for their students because they’re a little bit different from the standard rectangular USB sticks and they’re easy for the children to carry and use. They’re also great fun, they’re cool to wear and they tap into the current interest in wristbands and bracelets.

For festival organisers there is the opportunity to pre-load the flash memory with information about the event, details, photos and music from the bands that are playing at the festival and to ensure the wristband is stuffed full with information on forthcoming events. Whilst some festivals will include this information for free others are likely to “sell the space” on the USB wristband in much the same way that they sell the advertising space in a programme or on a flyer.

Of course USB wristbands are not limited to schools or festivals albeit they do have a stronger appeal to the youth market so any company targeting this particular demographic might want to consider USB wristbands.

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