USB Wedding Favours – Do You Favour?

Mention Wedding Favours and it’s one of those subjects that seems to divide the nation and generate plenty of heated debate on wedding forums and comments on wedding photographers blog sites.

For some they’re an essential part of any wedding, they’re an expression of thanks to the guests for attending the wedding and they’re a fun way of giving something back to those that have come together to make the day special. For others at a time when the economy is still in trouble they are just an extra expense that they can’t afford but feel obliged to offer anyway. Aren’t they just another thing that contributes to the on-going commercialisation weddings?

USB Wedding Favours

If you’ve got a wedding coming up and you’re in the camp that is very much pro-wedding favours then you’ve no doubt already done your research and have found that favours tend to fall into two distinct camps; the edible “foodie favour” or the “keepsake favour”.  The food-related options tend to be the old favourites like cookies, sweets, chocolates, jams, macaroons and teas but anything goes albeit presentation is everything!

Keepsake wedding favours include options like; CD’s or DVD’s with a handpicked playlist, jewellery, candles, pens and pencils and even lottery tickets in personalised lottery ticket holders (printed or engraved).

A relatively new idea is the USB memory stick favour. These are USB sticks that are printed or engraved (typically with details of the wedding, the names of the bride and groom, the wedding date etc.) and the USB sticks are then pre-loaded with details of the wedding, the engagement, photos of the happy couple (the more embarrassing the better), photos from the hen and stag nights and if you’re able to photo from the wedding day itself!

USB Memory Sticks Wedding Favours

A few year ago fully personalised USB memory sticks would have been too expensive for most people but lately prices have been falling and memory sizes have been increasing (as things tend to do in the computer world). Today you can order as few of 25 printed or engraved USB wedding favours for only a couple of pounds each. The range of styles and designs available is huge and you can choose from some really good looking wood, metal, leather or plastic styles some of which can be supplied (personalised) in only 24hrs – handy if it’s a “shotgun wedding”!!

The really nice things about these using USB sticks as wedding favours (aside from the fact that you can easily load them with lots of personal data) is that they come in a wide range of great looking gift boxes that can also be individually personalised – these can then be used as name “cards” on the tables to add that extra special flourish!


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