USB Robot Flash Drive – A Tribute To Peter Crouch

Famed for his robotic dance goal celebration Peter Crouch is not someone you’d necessarily associate with promotional USB flash drives but we can’t help wondering if the USB Robot was conceived after watching his hilarious routine.

USB Robot USB Robot

What makes matter worse for Peter Crouch is his lanky 6 ft 7 in frame, which of course only serves to make the dance look even more ridiculous. So much so that the “robot” goal celebration was recently voted footballs funniest moment of 2010, which in itself is surprising because the dance was first, unveiled in 2006!

If it is a tribute to the dance skills of Peter Crouch then the USB Robot is not a bad tribute because the robot is well designed, well crafted, strong and manoeuvrable and it’s head and shoulders above standard shaped flash drives in terms of making an impact.  But, unlike professional footballers the USB Robot does not cost a fortune and there’s no lengthy contract negotiation period to consider!

These unique USB flash drives are only a few pennies more than standard models and that’s despite being crafted from metal and coming with their own keyring. In terms of lead-time they are available within 14 days of order, which is on a par with most other USB sticks.

USB Robot Flash Drive USB Robot Flash Drive

Whilst the USB Robot might not be to everyone taste it is a little different and it can be branded (printed or engraved) with a logo so that it’s personalised to your company – just like any of the more regular USB branded memory sticks.

If you do decide to order the USB Robot Flash drive then don’t forget to get your data pre-loaded onto them. Pre-loading data on USB flash drives can help offset the cost of purchasing them because you won’t have to print quite as much sales collateral or go to the expensive of shipping it around the country. Data loading up to 100MB of information is usually free and beyond this the cost is marginal.

If the USB Robot is not you thing but you are looking for branded or promotional USB flash drives then give us a call and speak to one of our team and we’ll talk you through the extensive range of options we have.

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