USB People Memory Sticks – Full Body Customisation

Have you ever wondered what you might look like as a USB Memory Stick – we’re guessing you haven’t but these new “mini you” people shaped USB flash drives give you a cost effective option to do just that. So instead of thinking about promotional USB sticks with your name or company logo printed on why don’t you go the whole hog and get USB sticks that truly represent you or your company’s staff.

These “mini you” USB people are just 5cm tall and they can be printed to represent body style or shape, we can print any uniform or dress code onto them and we can supply them with a standard cartoon face or we can customise every drive with a photograph – order them for the team in your company and get the teams photos on them! Not only will they create a great talking point but it’s going to be pretty easy to work out who they belong to!

USB People - both options shown

f you run a business based where your staff are in daily contact with your customers then a USB person is a great option; think KwikFit fitters, UPS delivery drivers, dental assistants, mechanics and so on – any uniform (even down to the logo’s and decals on the uniform) can be reproduced. The “mini you” USB sticks are available from 1GB to 16GB and the lead time is around 14 days from order.

You can either choose any of the “standard” uniforms and characters or we can create a fully customised version for you – just send us a picture of the look/uniform you’re after together with artwork for any logos you want to appear on the uniform and we’ll do the rest. Of course if you want pictures of your actual staff on the heads then don’t forget to send these to us as well!

USB People in Overalls - Both Options Show

The minimum order quantity is only 50 pieces which makes them an interesting option not just for businesses but sports clubs, schools, weddings and re-unions! 30 different ones of these printed up for a class reunion (and pre-loaded with lots of digital memorabilia) would make a brilliant “class photo”.

If you wanted to have a bit of fun at shareholder meetings you could even get the USB “mini you” sticks printed up to represent the executive board and hand them out at the shareholder meetings (pre-loaded with the annual reports and press packs etc.) At the other end of the scale they could be used to use them for children’s birthday parties as a fund sticking filler!

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