USB Pens that Write AND Store Data

One of the key things when you’re looking for a good promotional product or corporate gift is to make sure the item that you giving away is actually going to be useful and is going to be used.

Of course the item needs to be within your target budget, it needs to work well with your company’s brand and it need to be in tune with your target audience. Assuming all of these parameters are met it still needs to tick the “useful” box. There are lots of cheap and cheerful promotional products on the market and these are find if you just want people to say come to your stand at a trade show but, if you want to create some real interest in your company’s products or you want to say express your appreciation to your customers or perhaps speakers at a conference or seminar then “cheap and cheerful” won’t do.

Wooden USB Writing Pens

With thousands of promotional items now available from sweets to mugs to caps to USB flash drives making the right selection is not easy. USB flash drives printed up with a company logo are incredibly popular at the moment with literally millions of them being given away each year. Given their intrinsic usefulness, their relatively small size (handy if you have to transport lots of them) and their price its no surprise that they are so popular but their popularity is also their weakness.

There is a point where you can just have too many USB flash drives and when this point is reached their usefulness no longer applies. Most people only have a certain amount of data they want to move around or save so whilst one or two USB flash drives are useful beyond this, unless the USB flash drive offers something a little different, they can become “just another flash drive” which is likely to end up unused and discarded in a draw.

USB Pens

If you’ve decided a USB flash drive is fundamentally the right product for your activity or project you might want to consider a USB writing pen rather than a standard USB stick or thumb drive as they are sometimes called. USB writing pens elegantly combine the benefits of giving away a stylish biro or pen that carries your brand with the widely acknowledged benefits of a USB flash drive.

USB pens come is a wide range of styles, colours and finishes and the fountain pen version uses standard ink refills. Typically unscrewing the top of the pen gives access to the USB connector and the on-board memory can be anything from 1GB all the way up to a massive 16GB!

USB Writing Pen

USB writing pens are a little bit different, they’re ideal if you’re going to give them out at a seminar, conference or press event where the delegates are expecting to be given something to take notes with during the event. The extra trick they have up their sleeve is that you can pre-load them tons of information including presentation files, sales brochures, media files etc. In doing this you get a “triple whammy” because you’re giving away a pen, a USB flash drive and you’re supply the recipient with lots of information pre-loaded onto the stick that they can subsequently read or print off at their leisure.

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