USB Pen – No License Required

If you were listening to Chris Evans last week on Radio 2 you’d have heard him bemoaning the fact that some schools issue a Pen Licence to students when they are deemed capable of moving up from using a pencil to a biro or fountain pen.

The thrust of his argument seemed to be that there is enough mollycoddling of kids these days and they should be allowed to use pens whenever they felt like it. But, from a teachers perspective these licenses are a useful way to help motivate children to focus on how they write correctly before being allowed to use ink. There will always be those that are anti these sort of initiatives because it might put undue pressure on “little Johnny” and lead to bullying if he takes a little longer than his peer group to achieve his pen license but typically these are the same parents that object to competitive sports in school – sorry, but in life there are winners and losers and this is a lesson best early.

Pen Licence

The vast majority of children who have attended schools where Pen Licenses were used are more likely to have fond memories of being awarded their Pen License and will have taken great pride in the achievement of finally being able to unleash ink onto the pages of their schoolbooks.

Whatever your thoughts are on the use of Pen Licenses by schools there is one type of “pen” which requires no license to use and that’s a USB pen! This does assume that the “USB pen” is just a USB memory stick (also referred to by many as a USB pen) and not a USB pen that also doubles as a writing pen – confused?

Well, there are some USB pens on the market that are primarily writing pens (biro’s rollerballs and fountain pens) but hidden in the “belly” of the pen is a USB memory stick (typically accessed by twisting the barrel of the pen) – these hybrid USB pens are rarely used by young school children of pre-Pen License aged because they are a little more expensive than a standard USB sticks and typically you can’t buy them in shops but instead have to order them from USB specialists and even then there are minimum order quantities of 25 pcs.

USB Pens

USB pens (writing pen hybrids) are more popular with businesses, consultants and seminar organisers who are looking for a promotional product that can carry their brand and onto which they can also pre-load their sales collateral or their speaker notes/slides.

These examples were supplied by USB2U who are one of the leading suppliers of promotional and custom USB memory sticks in the UK.


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