USB Memory Sticks Replace CD’s and DVD’s but is Cloud Storage the Next Shift

Over the last 10 years USB memory sticks have evolved from being an early adopter, niche product, to the default way in which many of us now back up and carry our data around with us. CD’s and DVD’s are now all but dead with USB sticks being the default option albeit “cloud based” back-up solutions are starting to challenge the need for any form of physical medium.

The move from CD’s to DVD’s to USB memory sticks is a paradigm shift not unlike the move from film based photography to digital photography but how long will it be before the dominance of USB sticks is threatened.  The huge growth in the sale of tablets and smart phones (neither of which typically have USB ports) combined with faster and more reliable broadband and 4G solutions could accelerate the move from USB sticks to cloud based back-up solutions like Drop Box.

But, one area where the sale of USB memory sticks remains strong is in the promotional gift sector. Companies looking for a relatively inexpensive give-away with their brand/logo printed onto it are increasingly choosing promotional USB memory sticks – the primary reasons for this are:

  • USB Sticks have a high perceived value
  • They are well received and highly regarded as a promotional give away
  • Unlike pretty much any other promotional product they can be pre-loaded with lots of useful information in the form of promotional videos, sales brochures, tech sheets, price lists and links to Social Media and web sites.
  • They’re inexpensive – prices start at less than £2 per USB stick (fully printed or engraved and pre-loaded with data)
  • There a lots of different models and designs to choose from and they all look excellent printed up with a logo/design
  • They can be combined with a wide range of accessories and attractive gift boxes – all of which reinforce any brand printed on them and all add to the perceived value of the “gift” when handed out.
  • When brochures and other sales material that is normally printed and handed out is save electronically onto them then significant costs savings on print and distribution can be made.

Promotional USB Memory Sticks - The Popular Twister Model

So whilst USB sticks will come under increased pressure from cloud storage options for now at least their future as a promotional gift seems pretty much assured – after all you can’t really generate much excitement and warmth when you hand out a URL for your customers  to go and download your sales material.

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