USB Memory Stick Sales Support Housing Market Recovery

The latest survey from the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) shows average house sales are now at a three year high – still way off where they were in the boom days but at least things seem to be heading in the right direction at last!

The RICS survey was supported yesterday by news from the Halifax who reported a 1.1% increase in house price in the UK during April. Clearly Spring has arrived and the house selling and buying season is underway.

If sales of USB memory sticks to some of the UK’s leading house builders and estate agents are anything to go by then they certainly seem to think that the housing market has turned a corner. During the height of the property boom we supplied thousands of promotional USB sticks to major house builders many of whom were handing them out like sweets on the streets around their developments. But, this all came to an abrupt halt as the economy and housing market went into free fall.

But, in the last couple of weeks we’ve started to take orders from National and local house building firms all of whom are looking to use USB memory sticks to hand out to prospective customers. Given the quantities they are being bought in they are clearly expecting a lot of interest or they’re planning to use the sticks to drum up the interest.

All of the USB sticks are being pre-loaded with details of each development, floor plans, house designs, estate layouts, prices and even video “walk-throughs” of each house – effectively a virtual showroom on a USB stick!

We’re not suggesting USB drives are a panacea for all of the UK housing woes but we do think the renewed interest in them by house builders is a clear sign that they think the market is finally on the up!

If you’re in an industry that needs a shot in the arm then perhaps you might want to consider buying some promotional USB sticks. After the blip earlier this year pricing finally seems to have settled down again and continues to fall week after week. We’re not quite back at the pre-Chinese New Year levels again but we’re not far off.


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