USB Flash Drives to Reflect the Individuality of Your Company

As with most technology once the impressiveness of the size of the memory, the speed of the upload or clarity of the picture has passed, something else is needed to attract attention.  Because of this technology cycle, we have recently been seeing a lot of ‘flashy’ (excuse the pun) or ‘bling’ memory sticks coming to market.  For example, we have found crystal encrusted memory sticks, ingot flash drives, and even ring USB drives.

Some of these USB flash drives come with a hefty price tag and some just look plain tacky.  Unfortunately for this style of memory stick, the 90’s ‘bling’ trend of hanging pendants from necklaces has most likely been missed.  However, most of these USBs will sell individually on the retail market for people who want to stand out a bit more and feel more special than others when storing and transferring their data.

Although these ‘bling’ memory sticks may work at making Branded USBssomeone feel special or stand out on a personal level, it is questionable as to whether they would work for companies wanting branded memory sticks.

On a corporate level, gold bar or diamond ring memory sticks may work for a jeweller, however for most companies it will communicate completely the wrong message or company image.

Nonetheless, not to worry!  Fortunately not all flash drives are moving in that direction.  We have one of the largest range of USB flash drive products to accurately meet the message, feeling and image of your company through the style of USB flash drive.

In case you are a little confused as to how a USB can portray the image of your company, let us help you out.  Our new branded USB Capsule drive can give your customers the idea that your company is secure, safe and ‘indestructible’, the branded USB Carabiner drive has a playful, fun and active connotation to it.   The branded Rodeo flash drive has an executive, professional feel to it suitable for high-profile companies, and the wooden promotional flash drives carry a caring, environmental statement relevant to companies with similar beliefs and values.

If the examples above don’t persuade you of the variations and possibilities to communicate a company’s persona then we also offer the services to create a completely bespoke USB flash drive to make your company a little more special and stand out above the rest.

On top of the style of USB stick, there are also important decisions such as the colours, brand and strap line to print onto the flash drive to make, as well as the files, information and marketing presentations to have pre-loaded onto the sticks.  Once all of these decisions have been made and matched with the image of your company, you will have a USB flash drive that will make your business feel special and stand out from the crowd of competitors.

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