USB Flash Drives in a Hurry – No Problem

If you’ve decided your event, seminar, exhibition, conference, press event or important client meeting needs some USB memory sticks printed with your company name or logo on and also pre-loaded with your marketing material then bear in mind that these items are rarely available overnight.

Most UK suppliers of promotional USB memory sticks quote between 6 to 14 days (working days) to deliver personalized and data-loaded USB sticks and often even these timescales are ambitious and wrapped up in caveats about possible “customs delays” and factors outside of the suppliers control.

These might be reasonable and understandable warnings but they’re no use to you if you simply have to have your USB sticks by a certain date and time is already against you. After all, if you’re organizing an event and your boss ha dropped on you at the last minute that you need personalized USB sticks the last thing you need is any added stress and uncertainty!

The fundamental problem is that most suppliers hold zero stock in the UK so any order placed on them will be produced in China and then flown into the

USB Flash Drives in a Hurry

UK by UPS, DHL or one of the other carriers. So the promise of say “6 days” assumes they can manufacture, print, and ship into the UK (and then on-ship overnight to you) without any hitches. Of course even with companies that run the slickest of operations this leaves loads of risk; production problems, freight problems, customs delays and UK courier issues to name but a few!

Far better if you’re on a tight timeframe to de-risk the while thing and order your promotional USB sticks from a local (UK based) company that holds stock in the UK and can print (or engrave) and data-load in-house. One such company is USB2U – with over 20 different models available on their UK rush service they have the most comprehensive local offering of any supplier.

They don’t stop with USB sticks either because they also carry a wide range of USB gift boxes and packaging options all of which can also be personalized (printed or engraved) and these, like their USB sticks can be delivered in as little as 24hrs! No production worries, no international freight issues, no customs delays to get stressed over and if you choose their 24hr Rush Service they’ll guarantee delivery in the morning via UPS!

Until recently getting USB sticks in a hurry meant lots of compromises had to be made on model, colour, memory size and packaging options but USB2U have stood all of this on it’s head. So, if you need USB flash drives in a hurry pick up the phone and give them a call on their 0800 number – they’ll even pay for the cost of the call for you!

USB Flash Drives in a Hurry

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