USB Flash Drives – Go Large For An Extra 50p

The popularity of branded USB flash drives continues unabated. It seems that everyone is now looking to use the ubiquitous USB flash drive to promote their company, to hand out at shows and events, to help launch products at press events or to equip students with a simple way of saving and carrying their work files around with them.

The most popular memory size of flash drives that are given away is 1GB but for an extra 50p these 1GB flash drives could be 2GB or for an extra £1 they could be 4GB – so in classic McDonald’s terms its possible to “Go Large” on any order of bulk order of USB flash drives for a tiny 50p per drive.

Of course if you’re buying hundreds of drives 50p per unit does add up but bear in mind that there is a direct correlation between the usefulness of anything given away and the likely on-going use of the item. So, if you’re looking to hand out USB flash drives and generate some on-going brand exposure from the continuous use of the drive then the more memory you supply to the recipient the more likely it is that this goal will be achieved.

Go Large for 50p

Conversely, if you simply want a way to distribute information (sales brochures, product data sheets etc) and you’re not worried if the flash drive is “binned” immediately after this data has been viewed then just order the smallest memory size you can get. Typically this would be a 128MB drive but don’t expect any huge discount from 1GB prices because 128MB memory chips are not be made any more so the price differential between scarce 128MB drives and 1GB drives is tiny.

If you’re a school or college and you’re buying flash drives for your students then it’s definitely worth pushing your budget to buy the largest memory you can afford. The imperative when supplying USB sticks to students is to make sure they are useful, robust and portable. Give students a 1GB flash drive and the chances are they’ll fill it pretty quickly – whether they fill it with their work or not is a mute point but there is no point buying something that will become redundant within a few weeks.

The price if USB flash drives is a moveable feast, which is why we don’t publish prices on our web site. At the moment the trend is downwards so it’s a good time to buy and if and when you do buy do consider “Going Large”!

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