USB Flash Drives For Schools – Instant Credit and Discounted Prices

If you’re looking for a supplier of USB flash drives for your school and you’re not already buying them from USB2U then a detention or 100 lines of “I must buy my USB flash drives from USB2U” might be in order!

At USB2U we’ve been supplying printed and fully customised USB flash drives to schools and universities since 2002

School USB Flash Drives

and whilst no one likes a “show-off” we are delighted to have been chosen as the supplier of choice to so many of the UK’s leading education establishments.

We believe the reason we’re chosen is because of our commitment to providing a product and service that exceeds expectations at a price that our competitors simply cannot match. We do this without any compromise on the quality of the USB flash drives or the quality of the design and print. We only use brand new Grade A memory chips and we have rigorous quality checks in place throughout the manufacturing process and a final QA check before the flash drives leave our warehouse.

The bottom line is we want you to be happy with the USB flash drives we supply because we’d like you to come back and buy them from us year after year - we go the extra mile to make sure we not only give you the best possible terms but you also get the best product we can supply.

Our standard offer to schools and universities includes:

FREE Credit Terms – no checks, no forms, no fuss, we offer 30 day terms to all schools including Young Enterprise Groups within schools.

FREE Delivery - if you’re on the UK mainland we will ship out your order of USB flash drives at no extra cost – we use UPS overnight service to give your peace of mind.

School USB Memory Sticks

FREE Data Loading – if you want to pre-load the USB flash drives with say a copy of the school prospectus, application forms, OFSTED reports or anything else we’ll happily do this (max free load is 100MB)

FREE Lanyards or Keyrings – order over 100 pieces and we’ll throw in a plain lanyard or a keyring attachment for every flash drive.

FREE Design Support – our in-house designers works with our school and university clients to prepare mock-ups, re-draw artwork, set up the supplied artwork and assist in whatever way they can to ensure the flash drives create a real “wow” when they arrive.

FREE Samples – we supply sample Flash Drives (dummy samples) so that you can check the build quality and dimensions etc. before you order.

Best Prices for USB Flash Drives – we offer significantly discounted terms to all schools and universities irrespective of the quantity ordered.

Convinced? We hope so. If you’d like a quote then just call us on our Freefone number (0800 008 7079) or fill in the quote request form on our web site and one of our team will get back to you in a flash!

USB Flash Drives for Schools

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